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Scoresheets for Appalachian Brewing Company Mountain Lager

1E Dortmunder Export

Average Score / 50
Scored by

Judge: Brian Robbins (
Judge Qualification: Rank Pending
Entry ID: 64848938
Style: 1E Dortmunder Export
Beer Info:
Descriptors: Diacetyl
Bottle Inspection: All Good
Bottle Comments:

Low spicy hop aroma. Moderate bready malt, faintly toasty, some melanoidin. Very low diacetyl butter. Otherwise fairly clean aroma.
4 / 12

Brilliantly clear light gold. Thin head of fine white foam that fades quickly.
2 / 3

Moderate rich bready malt flavors, some toast, some melanoidin, lightly sweet. Light buttery note, diacetyl. Low spicy hop flavors, medium low bitterness. Balanced towards malt. Some grape eaters as it warms. Finish is slightly minerally
10 / 20

Medium light body, medium carbonation. No alcohol warmth. Slightly drying and chalky from mineral (ok for style).
4 / 5

A good beer, pleasant, generally to style but flawed. Diacetyl is the major negative. Consider raising fermentation temperature to 65 for the last 5 points of gravity. Malt profile is good, but style needs more hop bitterness for hop balance. Consider using more or higher alpha hops early in the boil.
5 / 10

Total Score: 25 / 50

Style Accuracy: 3 / 5
Technical Merit: 2 / 5
Intangibles: 4 / 5

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