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Scoresheets for Long Trail Ale

7A Northern German Altbier

Average Score 38 / 50
Scored by 2 People

Score Sheet #1 - Judged by a National judge and scored 36

Judge: Andy Weigel (
Judge Qualification: Provisional Judge
Entry ID: 64588698
Style: 7A Northern German Altbier
Beer Info:
Bottle Inspection: All Good
Bottle Comments: Bottled date of 4/2/2013. Judged 9/23/2013

Very low generic malt aroma.
Low amount of spicy noble hops aroma.
No esters. No diacetyl. No acetaldehyde. No DMS.
9 / 12

Light copper, almost orange and brilliantly clear.
Low amount of white head that quickly dissipates, forming a collar of large and small bubbles around edge of glass.
3 / 3

Low amount of toasty, caramel malt sweetness that is followed by a vegetal, almost onion-esque hop character.
There is a light metallic note present that lasts in to the finish.
Clean fermentation character. No esters.
The balance is just slightly toward the bitter/hoppy side.
Finishes moderately dry with a light astringency that lasts long in to the finish.

14 / 20

Medium-light body with medium carbonation.
No alcohol warmth.
No creaminess, but does have a light hop derived astringency.
3 / 5

A good beer with only a couple minor flaws. Possibly use a higher alpha acid hop, such as Magnum, for bittering to avoid unneeded green matter which may be contributing to the vegetal, onion-type flavor and aroma.
7 / 10

Total Score: 36 / 50

Style Accuracy: 3 / 5
Technical Merit: 3 / 5
Intangibles: 3 / 5

Score Sheet #2 - Judged by a Grand Master judge and scored 40

Judge email:
Judge rank: Grand Master

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