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Scoresheets for Innstadt Neues Helles

1D Munich Helles

Average Score / 50
Scored by

Judge: Brian Ronnins (
Judge Qualification: Provisional Judge
Entry ID: 56333468
Style: 1D Munich Helles
Beer Info:
Descriptors: Oxidized
Bottle Inspection: All Good
Bottle Comments: 1L flip top

Low sweet malt, alight corn. No hop aroma. Oxidized, cardboard sherry notes. No dms. No esters or phenols
4 / 12

Light gold, crystal clear. Moderate white head of dense white foam that rings the glass.
3 / 3

Sherry papery flavors indicative of oxidation. Moderate sweet malt, low noble hop bitterness. Balanced heavily towards malt, this is accentuated by the oxidation and loss of hops due to age. Malt and sherry on the aftertaste. Otherwise clean fermentation.
10 / 20

Medium light body, crisp. No alcohol warmth. No astringency.
4 / 5

A good beer despite one significant flaw - oxidation, otherwise this would be excellent. Solid recipe, very much to style but past its prime. Watch for introduction of oxygen after fermentation during transfer and packaging. Serve within a reasonable period of time after bottling.
5 / 10

Total Score: 26 / 50

Style Accuracy: 5 / 5
Technical Merit: 3 / 5
Intangibles: 4 / 5

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