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Scoresheets for Bells Consecrator

5C Doppelbock

Average Score / 50
Scored by

Judge: Brian Robbins (
Judge Qualification: Rank Pending
Entry ID: 50613652
Style: 5C Doppelbock
Beer Info:
Descriptors: Alcoholic Estery Oxidized
Bottle Inspection: All Good
Bottle Comments:

Moderately strong almond sherry oxidation. Moderate sweet Carmella malt aroma, low dark fruit (fig, cooked raisins) esters. No hop aroma.
4 / 12

Ruby brown, fairly clear. Head of off white fine bubbled foam quickly collapses to a persistent ring.
2 / 3

Moderate bready malt, medium caramel sweetness. Almond and sherry oxidation flavors are significant. Low cooked raisin or prune esters. Low alcohol phenols. No hop flavor, low hop bitterness, significantly balanced to malt.
9 / 20

Medium heavy body. Mouth filling, but the medium carbonation cuts it from being overly thick. Moderate alcohol warmth but not solvent.
5 / 5

Significant oxidation impairs what would otherwise be an excellent or outstanding beer. Watch oxygen pickup in all post fermentation transfers, store properly, and serve while appropriately fresh.
4 / 10

Total Score: 24 / 50

Style Accuracy: 5 / 5
Technical Merit: 2 / 5
Intangibles: 4 / 5

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