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Scoresheets for Carlsberg Lager

1C Premium American Lager

Average Score / 50
Scored by

Judge: Andy Weigel (
Judge Qualification: Rank Pending
Entry ID: 45299640
Style: 1C Premium American Lager
Beer Info:
Descriptors: DMS Light-Struck Oxidized
Bottle Inspection:
Bottle Comments: Green bottle

Light struck, skunky aromas immediately dominate - catching wisps as I'm pouring the sample. Medium amount of grainy, Pils malt-like sweetness - light grape-like aromas - malt based, not esters. No hop aroma. Clean fermentation character. Very light nutty like character present, but quickly faded.
6 / 12

Pale golden with brilliant clarity. Pours with a moderate amount of bright white head that quickly retreats to the edge of the glass and persists.
3 / 3

Medium amount of grainy malt flavor that is hidden behind medium amounts of cooked corn, skunky, and a stale, honey-like sweetness. No hop flavor with a low hop bitterness. No fermentation character. Balance is slightly toward the malt.
10 / 20

Medium-light body, medium carbonation. Light creaminess. No astringency.
5 / 5

Overall a good example of the style - it suffers from poor storage and handling. Sample is oxidized and severely light-struck.
6 / 10

Total Score: 30 / 50

Style Accuracy: 3 / 5
Technical Merit: 2 / 5
Intangibles: 3 / 5

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