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Scoresheets for Ayinger Altbairisch Dunkel

4B Munich Dunkel

Average Score 38 / 50
Scored by 2 People

Score Sheet #1 - Judged by a National judge and scored 29

Judge: Andy Weigel (
Judge Qualification: Rank Pending
Entry ID: 38278243
Style: 4B Munich Dunkel
Beer Info:
Descriptors: Metallic Oxidized
Bottle Inspection:
Bottle Comments: 500ml bottle

Medium vinous and metallic aromas are apparent immediately out of the bottle but dissipate rather quickly. Medium amount of rich, toasty, Munich malt-like malt character. Low amount of caramel and toffee richness. No hop aroma. No fermentation character. No esters or diacetyl.
8 / 12

Deep copper. Brilliant clarity. Pours with a medium amount of slightly off white head that quickly retreats to form a collar around edge of glass, where it persists.
3 / 3

Oxidized, wine and soy sauce-like flavors dominate initially and then give way to a low amount of toasty, rich malt character. Low amount of caramel and molasses/brown sugar. Minimal hop bitterness, which leaves a heavy, almost cloying finish.
10 / 20

Medium-full body with medium carbonation. Minimal warmth and medium creaminess. No astringency. Heavy on the palate.
2 / 5

Overall a good example of the style that has a couple flaws. The sample is mainly quite oxidized which makes it hard to really nail down the other issues. A little more carbonation would brighten it up and help make it seem less heavy on the palate. It's also lacking a little bit of hop bitterness.
6 / 10

Total Score: 29 / 50

Style Accuracy: 3 / 5
Technical Merit: 3 / 5
Intangibles: 3 / 5

Score Sheet #2 - Judged by a Grand Master judge and scored 47

Judge email:
Judge rank: Grand Master

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