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Scoresheets for DuClaw Brewing co. Sweet Baby Jesus

23A Specialty Beer

Average Score / 50
Scored by

Judge: Malcolm (
Judge Qualification: Rank Pending
Entry ID: 17483256
Style: 23A Specialty Beer
Beer Info:
Descriptors: Alcoholic Vegetal
Bottle Inspection: All Good
Bottle Comments: ok

Malt - Very low chocolate bread pudding. Hops - none.
Esters/ Phenols - low vanilla. Low non-distinct dark fruit esters.
Other - Low dark choc syrup and med peanut butter on initial pour. as the beer warmed the PB faded and smelled more of nutella than PB. Also had a very low amount of vegetal-like DMS.
7 / 12

Color - dark mahogany and dark reddish brown. Opaque. Head - poured to a med tan 1 inch thick dense foam and then settled to 1/4" foam ring that chased the beer down to finish.
3 / 3

Malt - med chocolate, Hops - none. Ferment - Low intensity clean neutral beer ester profile. Low amts of dark fruits (figs and nutella). Certainly "porter-like" but the med-high dark chocolate still dominates. Finishes with a med-low mild bitterness on side of palate. Flavor of choc and nuts lingers for a few seconds.
14 / 20

Body is med. Ok for a Brown Porter but lacking for a Robust (this is 6.5%). Carb - is med and pleasant. Provides a mild warming. No astringency.
3 / 5

A pleasant beer for those seeking a touch of Porter with their chocolate and nutella, those flavors dominate. Still enough porter character to know it's a beer. I would finish this. If the chocolate was dialed back it may score better. Body was lacking for the abv, and for what the name implies; however, the fact it wasn't thick and cloying made it drinkable.
8 / 10

Total Score: 35 / 50

Style Accuracy: 3 / 5
Technical Merit: 4 / 5
Intangibles: 4 / 5

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