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Scoresheets for Hacker-Pschorr Munich Gold

1D Munich Helles

Average Score 43 / 50
Scored by 2 People

Score Sheet #1 - Judged by a National judge and scored 37

Judge: Andy Weigel (
Judge Qualification: Provisional Judge
Entry ID: 03428632
Style: 1D Munich Helles
Beer Info:
Descriptors: DMS Light-Struck
Bottle Inspection: All Good
Bottle Comments: Best by 3/2014

Medium amount of sweet, Pilsner malt-like sweetness with a low amount of lightly toasted, rich malty character. Light husky grainy aroma. Light honey-like oxidation aroma. No hop aroma. No esters. Very light corn-like aroma.
8 / 12

Light golden, almost straw-like in color. Good clarity. Not quite brilliant. Medium amount of white head that retreats to the edges of the glass rather quickly. Steady stream of tiny bubbles rising from bottom to top of sample.
3 / 3

Rich full, sweet, Pilsner maltiness fills the palate. Very light toasty malt character and very light dark fruit-light character is present. No hop flavor but bitterness is enough to keep the rich malt character from being cloying. Balance is tipped toward the malty. Very light metallic flavor is present in the finish. Finishes slightly on the sweet side.
13 / 20

Medium-light body with medium carbonation. Light alcohol warmth and a light creaminess. No astringency.
5 / 5

Overall a very good example of the style with just a couple minor flaws. The sample is slightly oxidized and slightly skunky - most likely from sitting on a store shelf. It's just slightly on the sweet side as well. A little more hop bitterness would help bring this more in to balance.
8 / 10

Total Score: 37 / 50

Style Accuracy: 4 / 5
Technical Merit: 4 / 5
Intangibles: 4 / 5

Score Sheet #2 - Judged by a Grand Master judge and scored 49

Judge email:
Judge rank: Grand Master

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