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Beer Scoresheet for 磨栏风车 天与地 磨栏风车 天与地

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BJCP Rank or Status:


Non-BJCP Qualifications:

Descriptor Definitions (Mark all that apply):
- Green apple-like aroma and flavor.
- The aroma, flavor, and warming effect of ethanol and higher alcohols. Sometimes described as hot
- Puckering, lingering harshness and/or dryness in the finish/aftertaste; harsh graininess; huskiness.
- Artificial butter, butterscotch, or toffee aroma and flavor. Sometimes perceived as a slickness on the tongue.
- At low levels a sweet, cooked or canned corn-like aroma and flavor.
- Aroma and/or flavor of any ester (fruits, fruit flavorings, or roses).
- Aroma/flavor of fresh-cut grass or green leaves.
- Similar to the aroma of a skunk.
- Tinny, coiny, copper, iron, or blood-like flavor.
- Stale, musty, or moldy aromas/flavors.
- Any one or combination of stale, winy/vinous, cardboard, papery, or sherry-like aromas and flavors.
- Spicy (clove, pepper), smoky, plastic, plastic adhesive strip, and/or medicinal (chlorophenolic).
- Aromas and flavors of higher alcohols (fuselalcohols). Similar to acetone or lacquer thinner aromas.
- Tartness in aroma and flavor. Can be sharpand clean (lactic acid), or vinegar-like (acetic acid).
- The aroma of rotten eggs or burning matches.
- Cooked, canned, or rotten vegetable aroma and flavor (cabbage, onion, celery, asparagus, etc.)
- A bready, sulfury or yeast-like aroma or flavor

Style Accuracy

Classic Example Not to Style

Technical Merit

Flawless Significant Flaws


Wonderful Lifeless

Scoring Guide

Outstanding (45-50): World-class example of style.
Excellent (38-44): Exemplifies style well, requires minor fine-tuning.
Very Good (30-37): Generally within style parameters, some minor flaws.
Good (21 - 29): Misses the mark on style and/or minor flaws.
Fair (14 - 20):Off flavors/aromas or major style deficiencies. Unpleasant.
Problematic (00 - 13):Major off flavors and aromas dominate. Hard to drink.

Appropriate size, cap, fill level, label removal, etc.

Aroma (as appropriate for style)
Comment on malt, hops, esters and other aromatics.

/ 12

Appearance (as appropriate for style)
Comment on color, clarity and head (retention, color and texture).

/ 3

Flavor (as appropriate for style)
Comment on malt, hops, fermentation characteristics, balance, finish/aftertaste and other flavor characteristics.

/ 20

Mouthfeel (as appropriate for style)
Comment on body, carbonation, warmth, creaminess, astringency and other palate sensations.

/ 5

Overall Impression
Comment on overall drinking pleasure associated with entry, give suggestions for improvment.

/ 10

Total / 50

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