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BJCP Tasting Exam Results from October 2013

Posted on April 28th, 2014 by in "BJCP Tasting Exam"

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Great news! I finally got my BJCP Tasting Exam Results from October 2013 in the mail today. I scored an 85, which places me in the National range. I skipped over Recognized and went straight to Certified. I’m planning on taking the written exam as soon as possible, which it looks like August might be the closest time. I’m short 1/2 point, but will be judging on May 17th in Ohio. I would take it at NHC, but we’re not going to be there in time.

Here are the results from my exam.

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6 thoughts on “BJCP Tasting Exam Results from October 2013

  1. Jack says:

    LOL at Irish Red Ale scoring accuracy!

    1. Andy W. says:

      I went in to the exam with the (wrong) expectation that there would be a really great beer and a really bad beer. At the end of the exam I went back and adjusted one to be “bad” and one to be “good”. That was one of the ones I went back and adjusted because I thought it was the good one. I adjusted it up about 4 points from where I had it originally scored. That’s a big lesson that I learned. Judge the beer in front of you and don’t assume you’ll get one bad and one good with the rest being in the middle.

      1. Jack says:

        That’s really good advice. Don’t look for the trick beers in the flight. The admins aren’t looking to throw any curveballs.

  2. Jerry Bromley says:

    I’m not much on blogging …but I just passed my BJCP entrance(first try) and this site seems to be just what I’ve been looking for to help get me through the next leg of this journey. Thanks for the insight into the tasting exam. I live in Northern Michigan and do not have much opportunity to interact with other judges.

  3. Chuck says:

    Nice job, and it is great to see the personal attention given in the scoring.

    I didn’t get the comment on the last page:

    “…giving the reader a clear understanding of the beer in which you were evaluating without ever tasting that beer.”

    Do you think there is a typo in that phrase, and can you offer your understanding/interpretation?

    1. Andy W. says:

      I think they’re saying that the descriptiveness and words selected give someone who is reading the sheet a good idea of what the beer tasted like without being able to taste the beer themselves. Does that make more sense?

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