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Beer & Sweat 2014

Posted on August 19th, 2014 by in "Homebrew Competition Results"

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Beer & Sweat 2014 Medals.

For anyone that isn’t familiar – Beer & Sweat is the world’s largest keg-only homebrew competition and is put on by the Bloatarian Brewing League every 3rd weekend in August. This was the second year I attended, but our club (TRASH) has been going for many years. There is a great friendly rivalry between the BBL and TRASH, which makes the whole thing super exciting.

Our overall showing at the competition was down significantly from previous years. A couple of our club members moved away this year and Keith Kost only had 12 entries – down from the 37 or so he had last year. He still ended up taking home the Bosmo Award for most individual points.

All of my kegs and supplies ready to load.

All of my kegs and supplies ready to load.

I decided that I was only going to enter beers that I had never won a medal with before for this competition. I enter a lot of BBL competitions during the year, so to be a good sport, I decided against entering my honed and proven beers. I managed to scrape together 10 entries this year.

Here’s the breakdown of my entries:

  1. Dortmunder Export (32 / 3rd place)
  2. German Pils (32 / 2nd place)
  3. Dark American Lager (28 / didn’t place)
  4. Traditional Bock (33.5 / honorable mention)
  5. Dusseldorf Altbier (41.25 / 2nd place)
  6. American IPA (36 / didn’t place)
  7. Imperial IPA (27.3 / didn’t place)
  8. Belgian Specialty (Flanders Red with Sweet Cherries) (40.6 / 2nd place)
  9. Flanders Red (36.33 / 2nd place)
  10. Gueuze (27.33 / didn’t place)

Overall 5 of my 10 entries placed and 1 received honorable mention. I didn’t win any 1st place medals, but 4 2nd places and a 3rd isn’t bad.

Another point of interest is that 2 of my recipes, brewed by another team of brewers, won medals as well. Kent Kirkendall & Brent Kuhlman brewed my Berliner Weisse with Peaches and my Amarillo American Wheat, which was the highest overall scoring beer at Beer & Sweat 2013. The peach Berliner Weisse was kicked by the time Kent introduced himself to me, but it was pretty neat to talk with them about how they brewed the beers and to try my recipe as brewed by someone else. I’m happy they had success and were able to bring home some medals.


Here’s a link to the overall results of Beer & Sweat 2014.

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