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About Online Beer Scores

This site has two purposes:

  1. To allow brewers to anonymously share homebrew for structured feedback and judging, using Beer Judge Certification Program standards and score sheets.
  2. To allow people to judge commercial examples of the beer styles using the BJCP standards and score sheets. To allow fellow judges and other users to calibrate their palates.

The site does not require any sort of account to be set up, so users are able to quickly and effectively generate anonymous, unique “entry ID numbers” to share, along with their beer, with other brewers or judges. The entry ID is then entered into the system by the judge, who can score it using the BJCP standard score sheet. That score sheet is then emailed directly to the brewer. The judge’s email address is provided so the brewer and judge can engage in further conversation.

People are also able to add and judge commercial beers. Finding reliable, concise critiques, using the BJCP format for commercial examples is almost impossible. By having one source for like-minded people to evaluate beer, using the BJCP standard, it will help to calibrate palates, as well as provide a practice ground for judges-in-training, and then will allow them to immediately see what other people had to say about the same beer.

For more information about the Beer Judge Certification Program go to Also please consider joining the American Homebrewers Association at